Pedicure is a global care of the foot

Callus, corn, ingrown toenail, mycosis, nail bruise, blister…. These are the kinds of pathologies we take care of at our office with the help of a complete technical platform.

We offer home visits for patients who are not able to come to the office.




In addition to pedicure care, we offer complementary solutions:

  • Orthoplasty

    This consists of equipment made on the foot using silicone paste.

The goal is to work on the deviations of the toes (hallux valgus, toe claws, superposition…) to stabilize and if possible to correct the deviations.

Pedicurie                                             pedicurie



  • Orthonyxie

The shape of a nail can cause pain.

Orthonyxies are small splints glued to the nail to correct the curvature of the nail